“What Camera Do You Use?”

This morning, I walked over to our bay window with my steaming cup of coffee and was taken aback by the beauty outside that window.  As I said in my previous post, we’ve been hit with snow and ice.  This morning was one of those sensationally beautiful mornings where the ice clung to the tree branches and the sun came out to say, “it’s OK, we’re done…for now…”.

“I wish I liked the cold – I would go outside and shoot; it’s so pretty,” I mumbled to my husband as he rushed the kids out the door.

That inspired me – why can’t I shoot through the window?  Ah, I’m too lazy to go downstairs, dig up my cameras, find a charged battery, and a clean CF card.  Hmmm…Why not use my point and shoot?  What?  Why not indeed!

These photos were taken from the comfort of my living room, through (yes, I said through) my bay window.  They were taken with my “keep it in the mommy bag” point and shoot – a $125 Canon Digital Elph.

My Elph doesn’t have manual mode, but it does have similar settings.  I went through and manipulated the settings to get the exact look I wanted – the same look that took my warm breath away.  (please note, that NOTHING was manipulated in any photo program, other than the size to get it on the blog – these are straight out of the camera.  I even left the time stamp on!) Not bad, eh?

Could I shoot a wedding with this camera?  Probably…  Would I?  No… LOL!  Mainly because it takes me too much time to switch the settings.  But I could.

See where I’m going with this?  It’s not the high grade expensive cameras – it’s the person who knows how to use them.  Yes, I use expensive cameras at weddings – but I do it because I am a pro and I know how to use the camera.  If you’re considering purchasing a camera, don’t discredit the inexpensive models.  I actually liked this one better than the PowerShot models Canon had come out with – their price tags started at $375.  What sold me on the Elph?  It’s fast – those of you who have point and shoots know what I’m talking about…you push the button, wait for the focus, then the flash to pop 7 times for the red eye…then, you lost the moment!  This one – you look, push, and it takes the pic!

Happy shooting!

3 thoughts on ““What Camera Do You Use?”

  1. These are really lovely Diane! I particularly love the 2nd to last one, a lot.

    Now I will play with my cheapo camera and see what I can come up with. It has 9,000 (or 20) settings and I only know how to use the “SMART” one, which picks FOR you. teehee

  2. Thanks Jenilee!! Yes, mine has 9000 too – I keep forgetting where everything is hidden! I do use the “smart” setting too, but sometimes it drives me crazy with things like snow. Cameras can’t handle snow on their regular settings – mine actually has a “snow” setting (it’s a cute smiling snowman) – it changes the white balance and underexposes for the brightness. It’s fun to play around and see what types of looks you get!

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