Another boudoir reveal!

Do you remember these teasers?  Our boudoir session labeled Chorus Line.

Well, I joked on facebook that my new observation was the fact that married women can’t keep secrets!  We’re proving it more and more…but what’s really cool is not only are they telling their hubbies their secret – they’re allowing us to share their secrets with you!  😉

Meet Krista!  I met Krista in 2009 when she was the Matron of Honor at one of our weddings.  Thanks to Facebook, we’ve been friends since!  Krista contacted me to do her session as a surprise for her hubby.  What do you think?  I think he liked his surprise!

Then Krista asked me how soon she should wait after the BoTox injections…I thought it was a little soon….  😉

Just kidding!  Krista was trying out some of our new photo booth fun props!  Thanks for being a sport about it!

Thanks for letting us reveal the mystery, Krista!!

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