Rainboot Boudoir Revealed!

I think these reveal posts are my favorites!  Want to know why?  I don’t ask my boudoir clients for anything more than a random body part photo to post as a teaser…then THEY ask ME to post more!  I’ll tell you what…that gives me the best feeling in the world – I’m so excited to have been able to touch their lives and help them realize just how gorgeous and sexy they really are!  🙂

Meet Kim!  This is not Kim’s first time in front of my camera – I met her at a wedding, where she was a matron of honor back in 2008.  Then in 2009, I had the chance to photograph Kim, her husband and their three boys at their home.  I’m so glad Kim came in for boudoir because she completely rocked it!

This was by far, one of my favorite photos from the shoot.

And this is another one of my favs!  Looking at this next photo, I feel like I should ask her for her autograph!  🙂

And this is why Jess and I pretty much work every shoot – while I was getting the “bedroom eyes” shot (sorry, can’t post that one!), Jess was able to catch this:

and this:

Thanks Kim and Cheryl for some great ideas that sparked some really fun series!  Here’s one of our “in the kitchen” series

and then our rainy day series!

Thanks Kim!  We had so much fun!!!

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