New boudoir ideas!

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy!!  Yesterday, I had to run into Buckland Mall to grab something quick and the closest parking space was at JC Penney – being that we had another frigid day, I ran in through that enterance and heard the “ahhhhh” of the heavens opening up – ok, it was my creativity…but it was still a cool idea

I walked into the drapery department – but it wasn’t the drapes that did it.  It was their set up that inspired me.  I thought about shower curtains!!  (OK, prob not a compliment to their display, but it worked for me!!)

So I headed to the shower curtain area and found this little gem!

The sales lady chatted with me about how cool it was and how her husband doesn’t like the “see through” curtains because “you can see everything” – I told her that’s just what I needed!  (I could only imagine what went through her head…I confessed to being a photographer!)

I had a blast this morning with some common bathroom supplies!  It took a few tries to get this one right, but I’m happy with what I got!

What will I think of next?  😉

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