CRFM winter market comes to a close

A bittersweet celebration happened yesterday – it was the close of the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market Winter Market.  I was there with Dave and the girls and we spent over an hour at the market….shopping?  Yeah, we shopped for a bit – but it was more socializing!  That’s one of the reasons why I love the market!

The above photo is what we term “the ladies of CRFM” – it all started as silliness on Facebook!  I’m not even sure how it all started but I remember communications with Tricia Millix (top left, standing), Dot Drobney (center with hottie tottie black heels, seated), Laura Stone (center with awesome sparkly heels, great pedi, seated) and myself (bottom left, crouching).  We were just joking about a boudoir calendar and how we should all get together and do a CRFM boudoir calendar of the ladies of the market.

What came of that post?  Tricia stepped up and did her boudoir session…so I decided we needed to get this shot!  At first, I offered my studio for the session and we sent out invites via Facebook.  Our Market Goddess, Winter Caplanson, declined the invitation – telling us she’s planning on going right home and to bed.  Fair enough – I totally understood!!  So we brought the shoot to her!  And grabbed a few more ladies to boot!!

Thank you all for humoring our silliness – I think we got a great memory out of it!!  We do plan to continue this at the end of the Spring market and I expect EVERYONE to crack out their hot shoes for that one!!  😉

Here are some of the shots we caught in between shopping and socializing!

We’ll be working on the calendar for the Spring: Dot has May, Mel can take June, I’ll take September, Laura has October, Tricia has December….what month are YOU taking?  😉

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