New Studio Packages!!

I can’t keep a secret – everyone knows that!!  So when Jess & I decided to roll out some studio package ideas…I waited to run the finals by her…and well, here you go!!

One package is our Passport – we’re offering 3 different Passports.  What’s a Passport?  It’s one year of studio sessions!  We have different Passports to fit your needs and budgets.

Here are the details and our new promo card layouts

Who can get a Passport?  Families, engaged couples, moms, boudoir clients (how cool would a 4 season boudoir shoot be??), pregnant couples, babies…anyone!!

Passports can be transferred within an immediate family only – for example, mom can get a boudoir, the kids can get Easter pics, the whole family can get Holiday pics, kids’ individual birthday pics…get the idea?

Because we’re so excited about this – I’ll throw in a bonus for everyone who purchases a Passport this month!!  What is it?  Well, you have to contact me to find out!  😉

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