Toni’s Trash the Dress

Yesterday, Jess, Dave & I had a ridiculously fun time yesterday with Toni and Jim at their Trash the Dress….well, it wasn’t really a Trash the Dress so much as it was a “Wear it Again and have fun!”

We started the day at the house to visit Charley Brown, THE brown dog of Brown Dog Maple Syrup!

Then we headed out to the sugar shack for some fun and more photos!!  I’m not a big maple syrup fan, but I have to say that Jim’s syrup is pretty darn good!!  We have been testing some recipes with the syrup – our most recent was a tarragon-maple glaze on a roast turkey!  YUM!!

You may recognize Toni’s mini Maple Maids – yes, we bring our own kiddos to shoots!  Alexandra & Evanthea had a blast being Toni’s Maple Maids and, yes they are paid models (they cost me a buck a piece!!)!  😉

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