It’s all about perspective

we all have our own perspective, we all see the world through different eyes.

What I love is to challenge myself to constantly look at things differently – always look at the same thing, but change my perspective.

Here’s an obvious example:  Jess & I took the same exact shot; here’s Jess’shere’s mineThe same moment, just different perspectives!

That’s the approach I like to take when taking photos – I take the “standard” shots, then I try to change my perspective.

This next photo, I literally changed my perspective by sitting on the ground!  I loved the hustle and bustle of New Haven as the background, but I also liked the signs mixed with the serenity of Brooke & Kris.  It looked ok when I stood up….but even better when I sat down.

Sometimes you have to figuratively change your perspective.  The next photo, we were waiting for the ceremony site to clear out and were afraid to run out of picture time – this was the only area we could use for photos – shooting directly into the blinding sun with a group photo.  So we mad it fun!  The kids are blowing bubbles, some of the adults have drinks, the others are just enjoying themselves

And sometimes it’s just a matter of playing with reality!  this was just too much fun to have Larry “try” to jump over the turret!  😉

And one of my favorites is to mess with reality and add a mirror!  This is one of my favorite pics of Jess!
The really cool thing about photography is there is no right or wrong in perspecitve – it’s what you see and what you can appreciate!

How do you see the world?

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