Theresa and Chris Engagement Session

Jess, Toni & I braced ourselves this morning…not just for a chilly windy morning…but also for a fun time!  We met up with Chris and Theresa at their wedding location, Wood Acre Farms in Terryville, CT.  It’s such a fun location for a photo shoot – and I knew Theresa and Chris wouldn’t disappoint!  😉

I love how these two are always laughing, always having fun.  Even if no one else gets the joke – they do…and it’s funny…I love it!

OK, so this next shot needs a little intro.  I had Chris sitting on the log for the above shots.  While I was grabbing my equipment, Chris jumps and lands all Spidermany right next to me.  I said “do it again, that was cool!”  Well, we couldn’t really replicate the same jump (Chris claims the log was damaged….)….Theresa wanted to show him how it’s done….you decide, who had the more “super hero” jump?Theresa was getting so serious with me, so I only said, “Chris, make her laugh” and this was the reaction….

I think I take these types of pics for my kids – I love their reactions when I show them a picture that I took in the morning and make it look like the middle of the night!  😉We went on a little picnic and I brought some fake food and some real food…I don’t think Chris realized which was fake…OK so an engagement ring on a cake pop was probably a mixed message for Chris!  😉Bread – not real…..And as much as we joke and get silly – I really do love the softer side of them!  So sweet!!  (come on, collective “AWWWW!” goes here!)Congratulations Theresa & Chris!  We are looking forward to the wedding day!!

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