M Maternity

Today is another triple threat day for me!  I LOVE IT and wouldn’t have it any other way!

This morning, I met with Mrs. M…sounds Mysterious, doesn’t it?  😉  I love the fact that Mrs. M came in for her Maternity session today because this isn’t her first child…in fact, she has Multiple children.  She just knows she looks hotter than a Minx!  😉  So we Made this session into More than a Maternity, we Made it Mackadocious (really, it’s a word!)!!  😉

OK, I’ll stop with the alliterations…but we did have fun!  😉  I do love the fact that people do not come to the studio without sending me their shoe shots for approval!  😉

Happy days, Mrs. M!  Can’t wait to Meet Mini M!!  😉

3 thoughts on “M Maternity

  1. First off: GORGEOUS! I love them!!

    Second: Mrs. M you are in such AMAZING shape!!! I feel so much pressure for mine now!!!

    Third: When should I send in my shoes for approval and are there any requests? I love shoes… ::swoon::

    1. Yes she is!!! She looks so wonderful and healthy!!! I feel like a chubber reading this and eating french fries hahahaha

      Oh excellent, it’ll give me something to do on my basically-on-bed-rest (wahhh). I will take shoe pictures teehee

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