Joanne & Wendy’s Wedding Day Teasers

This past Wednesday (after our photo shoot at the Wadsworth Mansion), I was chatting with Deborah Moore, the Queen of the Mansion (that’s her true title…it’s on her business cards!), and I off-handily told her that I felt bad for one of my couples that was coming up from FL on Saturday.  They were coming up for their outdoor wedding and the weather was calling for rain.  Deb offered a room, if we could rearrange our timeline to her schedule….I thanked her and filed it in my mental filing cabinet….

Fast-forward to Friday, my first/detail meeting with Wendy and Joanne…I tossed the idea out at them and they told me their hearts were really set on Gillette’s Castle in Haddam.

This morning I received a phone call from Wendy, almost in a panic about the torrential rain we were having…we then decided to go to the mansion and take Deb up on her offer.

Joanne and her daughter, Kylie, and Wendy and her mom, Diana, came into the mansion with dampened spirits.  We started chatting about the details of the wedding and I took everything on a field trip for a photo session of details!  😉

This is one of my favorite ring shots!  Wait until you see the details on the rings!!

I’m not sure if you’re getting the theme of the wedding yet…but once Joanne and Wendy return home, they’re going to have their reception aboard some famous cruise…although the name escapes me right now…  😉

Then the air changed….could be the cold front breaking…could be the reality of why we were here.  But there was definitely a change…lighter…easier….let’s do it!  🙂

Let’s do it!  Such a beautiful ceremony performed by Ernest Adams!I’m not sure how cooler it gets when the vows are read from an iPad!  😉

One of my favorite photos – I love the pure joy!!!

And you know, nothing is legit until it’s on Facebook!  😉  Marital status UPDATED!

I love it when we are two photographers!  Dave caught this great moment…When I caught this

Dave caught this playful shot in the loggia – we had so much fun with the photos!!I had to laugh…literally, this was the scene I was watching!!  (OK, so I asked Ernest and Dave to grab their phones…but it just made it funnier that they did!!Congratulations, Joanne & Wendy!  Dave & I were so happy to spend your special day with you!  And I’m so glad that the stars aligned with the rain and we were able to help your day stay dry and bright!  safe trip home to warm FL!  😉

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