Theresa steamed up my studio

Really…she did!  She thought she was coming in for a boudoir session – but she just steamed up the studio instead!

Look at how amazing she not only looks…but how amazing she feels!!  We owe much of that confidence to Kayle of Beauty Entourage!!  Kayle totally rocked Theresa’s hair and makeup – Theresa literally told her that she wanted some volume in her hair and dramatic eyes…that was all she was expected.  Then we got WOW!!!

We had such a great time watching Theresa come out of her shell and rock the photo shoot – I wish I could post this entire series, but alas…only her fiance, Chris can see more than these:

(one of my favorites!!)

I do have to tell the behind the scene story of this next shot!  I have a super wind tunnel fan in the studio and I had it one Theresa for her hair to get that “wind blown” look and it was bugging her contacts…this was the result.  I’m guessing Chris will be sabotaging her contacts more often!  😉For those of you who have come for a boudoir session, you know I LOVE mirror shots!  Those of you who haven’t, you need to know that I am obsessed with mirrors!  This has been one of the first series that I’ve been able to get some postable shots (and have permission to post them!!)!

And last, but certainly not least…my favorite shot of the day.  I was talking to Theresa (who was still sitting at the vanity) and I just loved the way the light hit her and the expression on her face!  ❤  LOVEE

Theresa, thank you so much for sharing your hotness with me today!!  And Kayle, thanks for helping her hotness come out to share!!

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