Aiden turns 1

Two years ago, I photographed the wedding of the year…seriously, they won the photo of the year! Zack & Mallory were married and their “sleeping beauty” photo is still the most requested reproduction at weddings!

Fast forward to one year later and I was there when he was a little munchkin newborn!

Then we’re brought to yesterday! Sweet 1 year old Aiden!

I love Aiden’s parents, because they have just that right sense of humor in things (OK, so I like them because they laugh at my jokes!)! But I also like their sense in clothes…because I get to have fun! 😉

Step aside George Reeve and Christopher Reeves, here’s Aiden L….

No camera tricks used in this next shot! Just some simple laughing over a suspended swing and a random little girl asking why we’re putting him like that! 😉

Of course all super heroes need to chill with Daddy for a bit

Especially when Daddy’s all rested up, he can help with the flying lessons! 😉

“Enough at the playground and saving the day,” Aiden told me. I think he was really hinting at the fact that he wanted to get his piggies wet!

He had a BLAST playing with the shells!

But I think the highlight of the session was hitting the lifeguard chair. I really think he’s found his calling up there!!

“Sorry Diane, can’t talk now…I’m busy updating Mommy’s Facebook status…see??”

Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, Aiden! And thanks for bringing your parents along – I loved seeing them again too!! Happy Birthday, Aiden!

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