My Day Off by Diane Parsons Part 1

Good morning, my name is Diane and I am a work-a-holic.  I really don’t think so, but everyone says I am, so I guess I’m in Stage One, denial.

I really love my job!  But sometimes I become the same as my cameras and need a recharge.  I try too plan at least one family day a month for just that purpose.  But when I saw that we had no weddings planned for Fourth of July weekend, I secretly prayed that no one else request a session or shoot…and guess what?  It happened!

And not just that, my husband has recently made a career change, making this our first holiday weekend off together in….well, you get the picture!

So we decided to do nothing…and plan nothing…and guess what we did?  NOTHING!  😀

OK, so we hit our summer home in Old Lyme for some serious nothingness near the beach!

It was awesome to not care what time it was, what day it was…we just had FUN!

Of course I brought my camera on our walks, it’s almost like leaving my hand home…almost impossible!

And my girls really crack me up…their creativity is overwhelming!!  Alexandra found a piece of seaweed that was super long and she thought it looked like and alligator…so she named it Alli the Alligator and dragged her around everywhere

Alli the Alligator started losing some of her legs, so Mommy had to perform surgery…and rip her to a more reasonable length…yes, Alli is still on our deck…

And then Evanthea found a log in the water that she named Diane as her pet…we couldn’t decide if it looks like a hippo, a cow, or a dog…either way, I’m a little bit uneasy that she named it after me!  😉

Next post – how we watched the fireworks!  😉

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