Storms, Givenchy, Rainbows, Jimmy Choo and Ice Cream

Definitely not what I had in mind as I planned this photo shoot – but it’s what we got!  I had scouted out the perfect location, scoured stores and estate sales for the perfect accessories, and lined up the right bride.  We just waited on the weather – I wanted a perfectly clear sunny day (I know, my photographer friends are laughing at me – no photographer wants a perfect sunny day…I did…).

Before I tell you the story, I need to thank everyone who helped with this amazing shoot

Old Lyme Marina – main location
Old Lyme Ice Cream Shop – supplement location
Jimmy Choo – shoes
Stuart Weitzman – kids’ shoes
Nordstrom – jewelry and kids’ hairpieces
Old Lyme, Westbrook and Clinton estate sales and family pieces – bouquet (designed and created by me!)
Mariella’s Salon – Bride’s dress
H&M – kids’ dresses

When I had envisioned this shoot – I really wanted a non-traditional bouquet.  I scoured estate sales and antique shops from Old Lyme up the coast to Clinton…no inspiration until the last one and then I hit the jackpot.  I found a house that had a whole room of jewelry for sale!  I paid $18 and walked out with over 20 pieces and a head full of inspiration.  I stopped at a couple of more estate sales and found a few more pieces and then I created a couple of bouquets at home and wasn’t loving it, so I hopped in the car and drove back to Coventry to raid my cabinet of stuff.  I added some of my brooches that I haven’t used in a long time and some antique lace that was handed down.  And viola – this was what I came up with!

These stunning earrings by Givenchy were a great inspiration!  I fell in love with them when I saw them!

This next photo is the shot I posted on Facebook this morning to sum up our evening.  That’s about right!  as soon as we got to the marina, we saw the crazy clouds and RAN to the dock and grabbed some shots, just as the sky opened up.  LUCKILY my daughter, Alexandra, asked me if I was bringing my umbrella!!

The wind, rain, crazy clouds and water gave us an almost creepy ethereal mood!

and then the sky opened up

So we hopped into our cars and scouted out a new location.  Thank you so much to the Old Lyme Ice Cream Shop for not only providing us with yummy props, but a cute little backdrop as well!

Sometimes it’s just too hard to keep a straight face…  LOL

All of a sudden (would you believe it??) the sun came out!  So we RACED back to the marina and saw this little cute egret taking flight.  But look at that light…THAT’S what was living in my head from my first vision of the shoot!

We looked up…and saw…

a rainbow!

We then took advantage of this spectacular lighting!

This next photo is one of my favorite photos ever!

And would you believe we did this all within an hour and a half?  And I still managed to forget the kids’ bouquets at home!  LOL  Guess it calls for another photo shoot of just the kids!  Stay tuned for that one!  😉

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