Caitlin and James Wedding Day

Last night, Jess and I had a wonderful night celebrating with Caitlin, James and their family!  It was a perfect day – not just because it was the day before “Hurricane Irene” (as I type, we have yet to see her wrath, but again, yesterday was perfect!!) but because Caitlin and James got MARRIED!

I think this photo of them is one of my favorites ever.  Not sure if it’s Caitlin’s intense eyes or James’ obvious passion…gives me chills!!

When I arrived at Caitlin’s house and gathered her details to photograph, I noticed her shoes were missing.  So I went on a hunt…I asked Caitlin about her shoes and her face lit up.  She had a bridesmaid grab them for me and she prompted the hand over with “I know how you love shoes”

I so love it when my brides get me!  😉

I loved the black accents with the bridesmaid dresses, shoes, everything!  Fantastically elegant!

And we don’t discriminate….we love guys’ shoes too!!  and socks!!

This next photo was a specific request of the groom.  James hand made every single escort card…painstakingly pinned on every single flower on every single stand…OK, so maybe not EVERY one, but he wanted to make sure his efforts were not in vain (I think Caitlin helped too….)!  😉

Sometimes the universe hands us a definition of serendipity…last night was one of those times.  We were ready to walk around the block for some city photos and Caitlin took one step out of the hotel and cringed.  Her toe was hitting her shoe the wrong way and it bothered her.  So we decided to duck into Capital Community College to take some quick photos in the lobby.  We hit it at the right time and met the nicest security guard who took us on an amazing tour of the college with some fab photo ops!  Thank you so much!!

And how can we pass up their suite at the hotel?

(doesn’t James totally look like James Caan – Godfather era here?)The.  Hottest.  Photo.  EVER.

On to the Society Room for their spectacular reception!

Caitlin had a second wedding dress to wear at the end of the night and for their after party.  Of course we had to match a session with the sexiness of that dress!

Congratulations Caitlin and James!  Thank you for sharing your amazing day with us!

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