How Parsons Photo rocks Labor Day!

Last night, I realized I had nothing to do with my kids on Labor Day morning…my husband was scheduled to work so that left us home.  I try at least once a week to do something fun with them, and I figured with what my summer looked like – I was long over due!!

After begging for ideas on Facebook, I decided to include them on a photo shoot I was considering….All of the thanks go to Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir for this fantastic idea!

That first shot was the only shot I was aloud to take…the rest were taken, set up, and composed by my almost 6 year old daughter, Evanthea.  I popped my 40D backup camera on a tripod, stuck my 50mm 1.8 lens on it and grabbed a bag of LED flashlights that my girls love to play with…and then let her at it!!

This pose was one of my favorites, especially when she was trying to explain it to me – she actually showed me what she wanted!

This next one had me laughing – still makes me laugh!  I had my 7 year old blowing bubbles, I was holding the lights and telling Evanthea “NOW” to take the photo!  Thankfully we got a couple of great ones!

I do have to say that I love the creativity of how many uses my kid can find to use a Lenox serving bowl!  😉

I, of course, had to sneak in some of my typical poses when our artiste ran out of ideas!  It was fun thinking on the smaller scale!!

Evanthea ran through a series on the hand mirror – such fun!  Then she asked me to set it up so I can get my “shoe shots” – that’s my girl!!  The really funny thing was when we were shopping for the Barbies this morning (Walmart is really the only place to buy Barbies on Labor Day at 7AM), she asked why they didn’t sell Jimmy Choos for Barbies…

Another set up by Evanthea – I love the posing…now if she can only work with people like this and stay up past 7, we would book her out!

When the girls broke for lunch, I took over on the posing.  But Evanthea saw me taking over…so she came right back in!!

One of my favorites!  Alexandra really wanted a photo with her horse, Chestnut.  I grabbed my scarf for the color, and well…this was what we ended up with!

Hope you enjoyed our morning together, we sure did!

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