CRFM Three Sisters’ Portraits

What a super fun way to cap off an amazing weekend – at the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market taking portraits!

The theme of the day was Three Sisters (Corn, Beans and Squash) and we had a blast applying that theme!  I took portraits of kids and Dave worked with the kids to make their own frames!  They had so much fun decorating the frames with the three sisters: they decorated with colorful beans, dried corn, and also painted with potatoes (OK, not a sister…maybe a step sister…painting with squash just sounded pretty gross and messy!).  A super duper big thank you to the Parsons Sisters for that great idea!!

We tried to keep the portraits as serious as possible…but well, you know how that goes!

I was so busy, I missed my daughter, Alexandra, being a part of the story telling – he painted her face while he told her a story of an ancient Chinese girl.  She loved every second of it – and I was pleased that she allowed me to photograph her after!

Congratulations to Juliana and her big sister Lucy on winning our little contest!!

Want to know more about our contests?  Be sure to “like” Parsons Photo and CRFM on Facebook!

All of the photos are posted for viewing and purchase!  Click here to check them all out!!

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