Mommyisms and Perspective

Many times I’ve blogged about changing your view on things – by moving to the side, seeing things differently.  I like that; that’s how I photograph people.

This past week, my perspective was challenged – not visually, but literally.

Last Wednesday, I dragged my soon-to-be-6 year old into the studio for her birthday session.  Just like her mama, she prefers to be behind the camera…so a session is usually tough.  But this was what I got!

Not bad??

Then the very next day, she had a fever and a red ring on her neck.  Yes, I can hear the collective gasps…she has Lyme Disease.  My not quite 6 year old, sufferer of food allergies, survivor of a broken arm, wearer of a hot pink hearing aid has Lyme Disease.  My world got smaller when I heard the diagnosis…I hugged both of my girls and said a little prayer of thanks that we caught it so early.  OK, I said a lot of prayers.

I was reminded of a mother of the bride I met a long time ago when I was a wedding planner.  She asked me flat out if I would still do her daughter’s wedding if my daughter was in the hospital (I think my oldest was an infant at the time).  I was pretty blown away by the question…my response was a turn of the tables and asked her if she would go to her work if her daughter was in the hospital.  Needless to say, I graciously declined that wedding but it has always stuck out in my mind about perception.

See, I’m a work-a-holic.  I admit it…I learned from my dad…he is too (he’s celebrating retirement by being a real estate agent in Florida….), and my kids will probably be too.  I can remember when we used to own a restaurant and my staff used to joke that the only way to tell my day off was when I wore jeans instead of a suit. I still do the same thing – I “take days off” but I admit it, I still work.

But when it comes to my kids – they come first.  I’ll get the job done, it just might not be right now…but it will be really soon.   That’s why we have a wonderful network of photographer friends that can cover at any given moment.  And thankfully, we’ve never had to use that.  But it’s there and that’s what helps me function.  AND the best part is we have the most amazing clients that “get it”…

Thank you to everyone on Facebook who have been consistently saying prayers and asking about Evanthea – she’s doing much better right now.  She’s been on antibiotics, the rings (we found 2) have cleared, and now she’s just exhausted.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We’re taking it day by day…

4 thoughts on “Mommyisms and Perspective

  1. Your are an amazing photographer but an even more amazing mom! Glad the lil one is ok! and your right you attract the best clients that do get it! and thats b your an amazing person inside and out! 🙂 hugs,kisse, and priers -The Lee Family

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