Happy 6th Evanthea!

Today, my baby turns 6…  my baby…  seems like last week we were rushing into the hospital to get this kid induced out of my belly.

My due date was the 25th and we had to wait until after the due date because the man who took my most recent ultrasound rushed the measurements because he had to go to a party.  He measured Evanthea at 7 lbs…not even close…

10 lbs and almost one ounce, and almost 22″ — that’s REALLY close to 7 lbs, right?  Now you know why I’m bitter???  (BTW, for those of you wondering, it was a natural birth with NO DRUGS…)

Moments after birth…

And Alexandra was so upset to see her new sister cry, she did the best she could to cheer her up.  At 16 months old, she only knew that Elmo cheered her up – so why not “the baby”?  My favorite moment EVER.


Here she is on her 1st birthday

2nd birthday (look at those curly cues!  They used to “boing boing” like Ramona likes!)

3rd birthday (she was mad because she and I had a special day at the mall shopping and eating and her sister was in school…really!  She was mad that she wasn’t in school with her sister!!!!!)

4th birthday (her first dabble in photography – she wanted a photo party…although she misunderstood and didn’t realize that she won’t be taking the photos! )

5th birthday (the creativity sets in this year – a Wizard of Oz themed party, designed by her!)

Happy Birthday to my baby!  Here’s to many many more birthday!!!  Mommy & Daddy LOVE YOU!!!

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