Close your eyes and see

Monday night, I was in a hurry…I was driving to my kids’ school for a meeting and I was running right on time…but I felt the need to hurry.  The car in front of me hit the breaks on route 44 in Coventry, just coming down the dip by North River Road…

Out of aggravation, I sighed and rolled my eyes up…up…mid-eye roll, I saw why they were slowing down.  Heading west, we were heading right into the most spectacular sunset ever.

I debated pulling over and taking some photos – should I stop and be late for my meeting?  Or should I continue on and enjoy the view selfishly?

I decided to continue, but I pretended that someone was in the car with me and they couldn’t see the sunset…I thought about how I could describe it as if I was taking the photo.

This is what I saw:

The horizon was filled with typical Coventry scenes: farms, corn fields, yards, houses, cars rushing home or to meetings.  Just above the horizon were angry clouds – black like the summer smog that hovers over a city on a hazy summer day.  Almost angry enough because something wouldn’t let them rain.

Just above those clouds was the most magnificent blue sky I’ve seen.  It was the color blue of my husband’s eyes…that color that I got lost in when we used to have our marathon late night talks.  That color that pulled me in and embraced me.

And right above that line was cotton candy – not the cotton candy that you get at the fair, the cotton candy that is found on a giggling child’s cheeks after they ate the cotton candy from the fair.  That wispy, messy, stringy, sticky cotton candy.  I could almost hear the giggle that came with it.

Above the cotton candy was stuffing…the stuffing that came out of Big Bearie – our giant stuffed bear that has been loved for 7 years.  That well loved, smushed slightly discolored stuffing that comes out of lovable giant bears.

And all across my sight was one golden light – one golden ray from the most amazing light that cannot be described.  It was the most crystal clear, perfectly lit, amazing color of gold that touched everything like a mother’s understanding hug.  That amazing soft golden touch touched the farm, the house, the angry clouds, the blue eyes, the cotton candy, the stuffing, and me.


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