Jenilee and Joe Engagement Teasers

Jess and I rocked out Mystic yesterday with a double header engagement session!  First stop was Mystic Village with Jenilee and Joe!

So we had to do some fancy footwork because we had a little tagalong on our session!  A cute tagalong!

Our favorite munchkin watched on the sidelines!  Juliana hung out awesomely as mommy and daddy had their little moments!  She even gave me some feedback – this next one was her favorite!

We even had a moment to meet the Pink Panther who tried to get some giggles out of Juliana!

That’s enough with our cutie – back to Mommy and Daddy!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that Jenilee and Joe wore jeans and t shirts to their session!  Poor Jenilee was stressing out over what to wear – she was even sending me links to outfits to buy.  I finally told her to wear what they’re most comfortable in…can you tell their relief?  😉

We stopped at the cute little chapel/meeting house in the middle of Mystic Village for this pic

and we ended up drawing quite the crowd!  One woman was CONVINCED that Joe was going to bend down on one knee and propose.  While we’re photographing (keep in mind that it was me and Jess there), a woman was insisting that he was going to do it – and was telling me that she thought he was going to.  I tried to explain to her that he already did – but she misinterpreted it that he JUST did.  So she turns around and yelled “SHE SAID YES!” and everyone applauded!  Too cute – we didn’t have the heart to tell them it was a while ago….so we get a proposal….couldn’t let everyone down!!

Joe wanted to make sure it was real…..  😉

We moved on to downtown…and what’s downtown Mystic at lunch time without Mystic Pizza?

And then we realized it’s almost the anniversary of the movie!  How’s that for coincidence!

We now have 4 adults and one baby, all with full bellies…what can we do?  Juliana did what she does well and took a nap….and we did what we do well and got super silly!

We did a whole series while the draw bridge went up and down – I would love to see everyone’s Facebook status with this.  There were so many cellphone pics snapping while we were there!  Jenilee and Joe did refuse autographs and we had to whisk them away – but I hope we made people’s day!!  (notice the passing of the Schooner Argia…remember Mary & Scott’s wedding?  It all comes full circle!)

Bet you didn’t know that Jenilee and Joe were super heroes, did you?

Sort of cool that even our hand offs stopped traffic!  😉

Jenilee has been telling me that she thinks she can photograph her own wedding with her cellphone because it has 7 different effects…so we gave her my camera to try out for herself!  😉  Not bad…so I’m thinking that she might be able to take the reins – what do you think?

and for our final photo….I’m just not going to explain it – but it summed up our day!  😉  Thanks for sharing it with us, Jenilee and Joe!

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