I swapped baklava

Today, I had my first experience as a “swapper” at the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market.  Did I mention today was the opening day of the winter market?  Check out these crowds!!

So back to the swap!  It was pretty cool!  My first time participating.  I signed up on an Evite (that can be found on their Facebook link here) and that was it!

I made baklava – I have been promising my friend, Tricia, some for a long time; so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to swap. Here is one of the tables that held 75% of Tricia’s things!

My feedback…

The pro’s:

~ you can chose whatever you want to swap — you bring one thing, you get one thing.
~ you can bring unlimited quantities of items, walk out with as many as you bring
~ you can deny any offer people make to you
~ you meet new friends!

The con’s:

~ I think I misunderstood the directions…I thought you brought enough for a family.  I brought 10 pieces of baklava and walked out with a tiny jar of fruit conserve.
~It can be overwhelming with what you want to swap…I didn’t sign up for something, I just waited for someone to want to swap with me (I had the super awesome 80’s wrapped green cellophane box below!)

Will I go again?  Absolutely!  There were some neat things to swap (like the super cute Hot Buttered Rum below)!

And what would I change?  definitely more and smaller portions so I can get some more cool stuff!

Here are all of the goodies that my friend Tricia got…how cool is that?  (Yes, she had to take the kid home…she couldn’t swap her!  😉  Although, we did have an idea of a kid swap…….)

And all though our baking and Facebook posting, we decided to make a little joke of ourselves!  This started it all….

Yes, I have become Donna Reed and Tricia is June Cleaver!  What fun we’ve been having creating our cast of characters on FB!

And the really fun part was we donned on some pearls and aprons and my 6 year old snapped this photo at the market!  Tricia is on the left, then Sue, then me

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