“Say Cheese!” Part 2 – photographing your own kids

“I want you to have natural smiles…come on kids, smile; say ‘Cheese’!!”  That’s what most parents say when they bring their kids to the studio.

Think about it it – look in the mirror and do it — say “cheese”.  What do you look like?  Well, we say the term “cheesy grin” comes from just that.

Then they get tired of hearing it and saying cheese…and this is what you end up with…

So let’s move on from those shots!  😉  How do I get these smiles?

I just let it happen naturally – sometimes I have to set them up to where I want them.  But the natural smiles look natural because they ARE natural.

I try to tell kids instead of saying “cheese” to say “peanutbutter and pickle sandwich” and wait for them to repeat it, then it’s guaranteed to crack them up after.  Then TAKE THE PICTURE!

Or tell them a silly joke that makes no sense – the favorite in my family is the never ending “why did the….cross the road” and keep changing the animal and the reason.  It gets ridiculous when you make it up on the fly and cracks them up!

Or put them in a situation where they WILL laugh!  Sometimes jokes don’t always work!

But the bottom line is to let your kid be their own person and make them laugh – then you’ll get a truly natural smile!

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