“Say Cheese!” Part 3, photographing your own children

This is the third part in a series of photographing your own children.  I have had many requests from moms asking what the best way to photograph their children are – here are the previous posts: part one and part two.

Today’s series is about de-squishifying your kids.  “What?”  Yes, you read that right…de-squishifying your kids…

I searched through some old point and shoots of mine (I actually didn’t take this photo, it was a family member!) for this photo

A cute shot of Evanthea playing mini golf, right?  Sort of – but she’s squished!  She’s really not that short!!

It’s all a matter of perspective – adults are obviously taller than children, so we see them from the top to the bottom.  And when you photograph them, that’s what the photograph takes.  I see many photos of people having their kids sit on a couch and they take the picture — the poor kid looks like he’s just head and legs!!  it makes me laugh to see it and I do refrain from commenting (hence this blog post!  LOL)!!

(Sorry to say, I don’t have any photos like that!  And my kids would kill me if I purposely took a photo of them like that!!)

But here’s my suggestion – come to their level.  It’s simple…come to their level.  If you are taking a full length photo, kneel down and point the camera to the child’s chest or tummy.  If you can’t kneel down, then put them on stairs, like I did in this next photo (taken from my point and shoot)

Because Evanthea is the shorter of the two, I shot for her tummy.  But do you see how both of them look like their normal height?

For faces, you want to be face to face with the kids – again, come to their level.  Here’s a closeup of Alexandra where I came to her level and caught her face.

Can you see the difference?  She looks proportionate now.

This is how I photograph in the studio – I either sit on a small stool or sit on the floor.  I actually prefer the floor because the kids are more responsive to me being at their level and I can catch more!!

I always try to remind people that a photo is flat and how it gets there is it squishes everything.  Use that squish to your advantage and show off reality, or bend it to your liking!!  😉

What else would you like to see in our Say Cheese series?

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