Sarah and Brian’s Ice Engagement!

This weekend, Jess and I met up with Sarah and Brian in downtown Hartford.  Sometimes things really work out for the best – this crazy weather we’ve been having sort of worked for us!  We feared smushy muddy grounds, but ended up at the ice skating rink instead!

One of my favorite spots in Hartford, the Civil War Memorial Arch!  I love finding new ways to photograph it…and work with the traffic!


We are loving Sarah’s bling!  Can’t wait to get our hands on the wedding rings too!!

It was serendipity that we happened to stumble upon the ice skating rink!

Brian actually had a quick little lesson on kneeling on ice to get this shot!  I think we just got a good laugh out of it all!!  😉

And Sarah learned that her childhood ballet lessons really paid off!  😉

And yes, not every session ends on a serious note!  We just had to go the King Kong route!  😉

Thanks for spending the day with us, Sarah and Brian!  We had a blast!!

20 thoughts on “Sarah and Brian’s Ice Engagement!

  1. Love, Love, Love the pictures. Thank you sooo much Diane and Jess! You guys did an amazing job. It’s not every day you’ll find a photographer that will lay in the road for you in oncoming traffic just for the perfect picture! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Love the pictures! I am impressed that they were able to fit Mr. Bigfoots feet in pictures and that they had skates to fit him! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. fcghjkkmvtcn f kffbhs vhb nghjhhhhhhhhhddg,
    That is what Max has to type about the pictures. He said “B-B-B” and he is getting very close to saying Sarah (dar-rah)

  4. Nice pictures.When we were younger, I would have never thought in my wildest imagination that Brian would ever be posing in engagement photos! MY TIMES ARE CHANGING! My the time Brian is done training there is a good chance that he will be like King Kong and will be able to knock down buildings. Cant wait for all the festivities to come.
    – gary

  5. I love the picture!!! They really did come out amazing. I have the most beautiful sister and handsome future brother-in-law<3

  6. Dan and I both know how weird it is posing for pictures and you guys made it look like it was effortless! We both love all the pics! We’re so looking forward to being a part of everything to come!
    Dan & Whit

  7. You both really looked like you really had fun with your photo shoot! Love the picts. Can’t wait to see more!!

    Love you both! XOXO

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