Happy 40th Dave!

Last week was my hubby’s 40th birthday!  The big 4-0…wow, I’m married to a 40 year old (trying to mentally prep myself because I’ll be seeing that number in June!  Eek!!)!!

When Dave turned 30, we tried the whole surprise party thing — but the weather had other plans.  Huge snow storm…the downfalls of having a January birthday, I guess.

This year, the girls and I decided to take a little trip up to Boston for the weekend.  The girls were a little reluctant to go away until I told them about the pool…then it was all over!  They were completely sold!

We had the most amazing dinner at Legal Test Kitchen, stayed at the Renaissance Hotel, walked around the pier and docks, and spent the entire day at the Science Museum of Boston.  It was a fantastic weekend and we laugh at the memories!  We do, however, laugh at the fact that the only pics we took were at the pool – but I think their joy alone was the best birthday gift ever!!

And this is when we woke up – what a spectacular view of the sunrise over the bay

I think everyone had a great time because they’re already planning MY birthday trip!!  🙂  Stay tuned for June’s post!!

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