Personal Project – Week 2 Inspiration

Quite obviously, I love art.  My background is fine arts – I used to LOVE sketching and using pen and ink, my two favorite mediums.  I actually used to take photos, then try to draw them – but I was told that’s cheating (I looked at it as being able to appreciate it while it happens, then capture it my way)!

One of my all time favorite artists was MC Escher.  My grandparents used to have a cool print of the hands in their hallway and my brother and I would spend hours trying to figure it out (sort of a chicken vs the egg concept).  I think that’s where my obsession for taking photos that don’t make sense came from!

Today, I hit the studio sans makeup and my hair in a pony tail — because this week’s post is about inspiration.  My inspiration.  MC Escher was one of the artists that made me think differently.  But my inspirations come from my very own hands.

My own take on the famous Escher drawing.

when I was taking art lessons as a child and a teen – I would amaze myself that I could sometimes create the things I could.  I actually sometimes wondered if my hands had a mind of their own (the Greek philosopher in me, I’m guessing!  LOL).  Today, they got a shoot of their own and I tried to mix my past with my present.  My two worlds of art colliding

I actually took out my old pencil box from my high school art lessons.  The pen quill was my favorite quill (I have the cork broken in and the holder is actually broken!) and the pencil is one of my drawing pencils from back then.

I had fun with this experiment!  It was pretty frustrating finding the right lens, the right lighting, and how long my timer really lasts…but hey, it’s all a learning process, right?  😉

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