Personal Project – week 3 Passion

I have three over the top passions: photography, baking, and reading.  My mother jokes and tells me that I never learned to read, I just picked up a book and did it.

I love reading!  I read everything!  So this was the perfect idea for one of my project themes!  And since it’s vacation this week, my kids had fun helping out!

I told the girls to grab their favorite books or series and place them in front of them  We had quite the collection:  Alexandra is reading Mark Twain and her pile consists of Nancy Drew, Emily Windsnap, The Odyssey, Percy Jackson, and a Greek/English dictionary.  Evanthea is reading one of the Magic Tree House series (Abe Lincoln at Last), and her pile consists of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Star Wars Trilogy, and the Mouse and the Motorcycle.  I am reading Alice In Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass and my pile consists of highlights of my favorites: Mark Twain, a Pen Warmed Up In Hell, Paradise Lost (yes, Milton!), It (Stephen King…it was tough which one to decide, but I love that the spine is crazy worn out!), Animal Farm, James Patterson’s Cross, and Drawing from the Artist Within.

My book choices were deliberate.  I have a degree from UCONN in English with a heavy concentration in literature.  I read manuals, classics, and fluff.  I love reading to myself and I love reading out loud.  And I love that my kids love to read too!!  (Alexandra was actually reading through out the entire session!  LOL)

I love this next picture – it’s totally us!  😉


This next shot reminds me of one of my favorite paintings — unfortunately, I cannot recall the artist’s name, but here’s a link to the photo  but I love the concept of a self portrait that just doesn’t look like one!  😉


That’s two of my passions: reading and photography.  Maybe next week, I’ll let you into my kitchen for some old fashioned Greek baking!

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