Personal project Week 4 – A Night Out

Last night I was a part of a very rare event, so I took full advantage of it as a part of my year of self portraits!  I was invited to be a guest at the Pierre Hotel for a party thrown by Grace Ormonde.  I was sooooo excited to be able to enjoy a night out!  But I did bring my camera for all of the beauty (that’s the next blog post coming up)!

I brought my friend, Helena Willis, of Perfect Princess Events as my “date”!  She’s such a good sport with my whims!!


Here we are in the amazing lobby of the Pierre.



And yes, all of these photos are self-portraits! (and we couldn’t get away without a “shoe” shot!!  My cuteness of Steve Madden shoes tonight!)


This photo, believe it or not, was taken by shooting into the mirrored table!  I was in heaven in the

gorge rotunda!!!

It was fun getting dressed up, doing my hair, putting on makeup, finding a dress with the right accessories and being able to walk through the door with just my pocketbook (and not any gear — although, my pocketbook doubled as a camera bag….).  I don’t get chances like this too often, so it was so relaxing to sip a wonderful glass of Chardonnay and enjoy the night!  My next blog post is the photographer in me capturing all the details and my new (and old) friends!!

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