It all started with a dress…

I’m sure you all know that my grandmother is selling her house (the recent acquisition of the amazing pink Victorian couch is a result of said sale!)…and in addition to the amazing couch, I grabbed a few other cool things.  Two of which were some really neat dresses that my grandmother had made.

One is gold with metallic overtones.  I loved it – it reminded me of a goddess.

I was telling my mom about this planned shoot and showed her the dress — she told me my grandmother made it for my parents’ wedding.  Just made me want to photograph it all the more!

I was chatting with my friend Helena, of Perfect Princess Events, and I threw the idea out there about a sort of Aphrodite style shoot.  Our excitement grew and was contagious with our other friends!

And we ended up having a party all day today!  It was probably one of the best shoots I have been to in a while!

So this half of the session is an homage to Aphrodite, my grandmother (whose name is Ariadne — named for the princess who knows the labyrinth), and weddings.

Our stunning Nora was amazing with her interpretation of a modern Aphrodite coming out of the water!  I love it!

And I can go on for days about the talent and creativity that everyone brought to the shoot!  I loved everything!

We were stopped a couple of times to ask if this was a real wedding…the wonderful thing is, Nora and her hubby, Cliff, just celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary yesterday!

I did feel like I was shooting a wedding — all of these details couldn’t be overlooked!

Stunning cake by Ana Parzych

Tabletop design and desserts by Tricia Millix

Invitations, menu card, and table number by Celeste Simpson

And I love it when other people get crazier ideas than I do!  Gary Parzych had a wonderful idea to place the cake!  Sigh…swoon…

So we changed Nora into a more flowy dress and put her back into the water!

Cliff waited patiently (and very cutely, I might include!) on shore!

Look at those sandals!  Handmade by Helena Willis!  DOUBLE SWOON!

The biggest thank you ever to the following people; without you, we never could have pulled this together:

Hair & Makeup – Nora Lawrence
Cake – Ana Parzych Cakes
Tabletop & desserts – Millix Family Farm
Flowers – Perfect Princess Events
Invitations & Stationary – Impress Me Designs
Furniture – Private loan
Models – Nora & Cliff Lawrence
Photos – Parsons Photography (Toni Civitello, assisting)


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