Amelia’s on her way, but first….

I had to photograph her parents!

Meet Becca & PJ – the cutest soon-to-be-parents EVER!  OK, I’m a little biased since I photographed their wedding (don’t you love my couples that return to photograph their next stages of their lives together?  We haven’t seen this amount of pregnancy cuteness since Brandy & Kevin!!)!!

Don’t you just love these two (or three)?

And we love the baby’s name too!

Jess is going to have to help me with the newborn session – or I have another homework assignment!  Anyone care to guess where the baby’s name came from?  Next photo is a big clue!

But in typical Diane fashion, we had to take it up a notch…or across…or down….

I love when Becca looks at me with a smile on her face and asks ever so politely if we can go outside…because fun and silly things happen when we do!

This baby is going to love swinging on her playscape!!

Thank you Becca, PJ & Amelia for coming out to see me!  And thank you Amelia for staying cooking a little while longer!  As much as I can’t wait to meet you, I was grateful to hang with your parents for their photo shoot!  Now you may come so we can meet YOU!  XOXO

17 thoughts on “Amelia’s on her way, but first….

  1. Diane, I said this after their wedding but I’ll say it again. They could not have found a photographer to fit their personalities any better than you do! These capture their adorableness perfectly! I can’t wait to see Amelia’s newborn pictures once she gets here!

    1. Alison! You are so sweet to say that! Thank you!! I love Becca & PJ, they humor my whims as I humor theirs! 😉 We have a wonderful relationship like that! LOL Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to meet Amelia too!!

  2. I have to say my favorite of the shoot is the very first one (the one with them and the shoes for Amelia! Great pix! Thanks for capturing their cuteness, and a very special time in their lives!

  3. So sweet! You really captured some nice moments in a creative way. Makes me wish I knew you when my children were born years ago. 😉 It’s hard to pin down a favorite because they are all wonderful!

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