Allison and Jay Married!

Do you remember my self portrait post where I told you I was the secret keeper?  Well, Allison & Jay’s wedding prompted that post!  I have kept a double secret for this wedding since FEBRUARY!  Whew…and boy, was I glad to see it all come together (and I got to tell FINALLY!!)!!

Allison did a special photo shoot for Jay (can’t go into details, but maybe this shot of Allison showing her bridesmaids might spark your creativity…)

And here was Jay’s reaction when he saw the book…(mind you, this is just the cover and it only says “For Jay”…with a tiny photo…)

That wouldn’t have been so bad (I’m pretty good at keeping those secrets!!) but then Jay called me THE SAME WEEK as Allison’s shoot for a surprise for her!!  He ordered a horse and carriage to whisk them away after the ceremony.  Here’s Allison’s reaction to seeing that (I told her I wanted to take some quick pics out front before the ceremony…thank goodness she didn’t question how silly that sounded!  LOL)

And her ear to ear smile as the processional started to the back yard

I love it!  I still have chills looking at the photos and it was well worth keeping the double secret!  You should have seen our meetings, thank goodness they both needed to go the bathroom at different times!  😉

This was one of my favorite photos from the day!

Allison is the first of her family to get married…three girls!  So we had a very emotional “first look” with her dad.  So sweet!

We LOVED the intertwining of family!  Jay asked his dad to be his best man and his sister officiated the ceremony!

Everybody knows the Wadsworth Mansion is one of my favorite spots – and the presentation of the dining room shows why!  Allison & Jay’s vineyard theme is gorgeous!

In keeping with our fun tradition, we did do a first touch with Jay and Allison…this was their discussion of Allison’s gift!  😉

Jay refused to look at Allison until the moment she walked down the aisle…he tried to ease the tension with a joke (first of the three), then saw her, and the last reaction was my favorite!

Another one of my favs!!

And last, but not least…a new dance called the Father/Father dance — Jay and Allison’s dads had their own dance!  Can you tell we had no kinds of fun at this wedding?  😉

Thank you Jay and Allison for sharing your amazing day with us!  And thank you for trusting me to be your secret keeper!  I loved every moment of it all!  XOXO


3 thoughts on “Allison and Jay Married!

  1. Wow Diane these are amazing! Looks like it was an amazing wedding. Congratulations to the two of you.

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