Meet Amelia – 12 days new!

Want to know one of the reasons why I love my job?  It’s not just capturing wonderful moments at weddings, or sharing the bliss of pregnancy, or enjoying that newborn smell while I put a baby to sleep in my arms….It’s all of that combined with the couples that come into my life!

Meet Amelia

I met Amelia’s mom and dad when their wedding planner (Helena Willis of Perfect Princess Events) brought them over for a meeting almost two years ago.  Then I photographed their engagement session, then their wedding, then I shared the excitement of their pregnancy…and now I got to meet my new 12 day old angel, Amelia!

I love these little moments — PJ was trying to quiet Amelia by mimicking her facial expressions.  So flipping cute!!

Love this shot of Amelia with her little monkey friend!  We love monkeys over here!!!

When a moment like this happens, I can’t help but hold my breath and grab it!  It started out as just a photo of Amelia with her mommy, but Daddy was trying to help out by pulling Becca’s hair out of her face.  I can’t set up shots more tender than this!

What a sweet family!!

Thank you Becca and PJ for sharing your sweet Amelia with me!  I’m in love!!!  XOXO

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