Get ready 2012!

Last year, at this same time, I made many new decisions regarding the business.  I took a giant leap of faith, and I had the support of many people in doing so.  With that leap, I never looked back – I have surpassed my expectations and grown!

To celebrate these accomplishments and blessings, I am ready to give back.  We are close to our limit of weddings (and we are truly blessed with the couples that have allowed us to document their special moments)…but we want to offer you more!

(the photo below is Diane with three of our brides and their husbands – we were missing one – from one wedding.  We had a Parsons reunion!)

For the remainder of the year, all open dates are available hourly!  You can book with Diane and/or Jess for your wedding, in the studio, photo booth, on location…all “by the hour”!  There are, of course, some minor restrictions….but you have to come talk to me to learn about that!

This summer, I’m splitting my time between our summer cottage in Old Lyme, CT and our home office in Coventry, CT – please be sure to note where you would like to meet (essentially the choice is the back deck with a salty breeze or air conditioning on the Victorian couch!)!  We look forward to working with you in 2012!

ALSO…to celebrate our 2012 couples – we’re going to be rolling out some new contests on Facebook and Twitter.  Get ready for that this week!

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