Lightning Storm over Old Lyme

I always say that I am not a nature photographer – it’s not my style.  I can’t see waiting and waiting for that shot…or hiking 5 miles before sunset just to see the sun set over a ridge.  Not my style!

But lately, I’ve been dabbling outside my comfort zone…like tonight.

I propped open the screen door to the porch of our beach house and waited…patiently.  OK, so not too patiently…my neck hurt from staring at the sky, I was listening to my 8 year old pace and freak out, and my back was hurting from standing.

So yes, that’s my door in the middle of the shot!  But I think it adds to the above shot, right?  Makes it look like I caused the explosion (or I like to think so!)!!

I like this last one!

I’ll probably never do this again, but it was sort of cool to get the shots!

What have you done to step outside your comfort zone?

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