Tuesday Tips & Trends – What’s missing??

Today’s Tips & Trends is written by a guest blogger, our friend Marie Tyler Wiley, Justice of the Peace.

The Illustrious Missing Link in Wedding Planning…

So carefully read the list below and tell me what’s missing, when it comes to wedding planning…

Reception Sites
Ceremony Sites
Guest Accommodations
Bachelor(ette) Party Sites
Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Showers &
Party Sites
Boats and Yachts
Top Destinations
Destination Weddings
Rings & Jewelers
Fitness, Beauty, Tanning & Health
Hair & Makeup
Gown Care
Bands, DJ’s and Ceremony Musicians
Florists & Décor
Cakes & Desserts
Limousines & Transportation
Favors & Gifts
Party Rentals
Consultants & Coordinators
Invitations & Calligraphy
Gift Registries
Bridal Shows and Events

I’ll tell you what’s missing…

THE WEDDING OFFICIANT! The very person that can make or brake your day! The wedding officiant is the person that sets the tone for what’s to come for the rest of your night. You want your guest to be psyched at the end of your ceremony thinking…”wow…that was great…this night is going to be super”…don’t you?

It doesn’t matter if the music doesn’t show up…you can still be married…It doesn’t matter if the cake slides off the platter…YOU will still be married…It doesn’t matter if the flowers are wilted…YOU’LL still be married…

BUT…if we’re not there…all you really, really have is one VERY EXPENSIVE PARTY…AND…guess what…YOU’RE NOT MARRIED!!!

The wedding officiant is important and getting the best… should be considered immediately after getting your venue. It is soooooooooo incredibly sad that we are over looked in the planning stages when it comes to weddings. All the magazines and on line wedding publications/forums just seem to keep forgetting us…. Jeepers…and to think that we do this because we feel it is our calling…to help make someone’s day be the best it can be. etc.

And yet…..repeatedly we are skipped over in lieu of some trivial aspect of the day. All that other stuff is just frosting on the cake so to speak. At the heart of the matter is whether you are married to the person who you love with all your heart! And trust me…I can create a wedding for you like no other.

I’m proud to say that any wedding I have ever done…people always come up to me and say…”omg…that was THE BEST WEDDING I have ever been too”. Or…they’ll remark; “omg…I wish you had married our kids.” J

You try asking the couples I have married what they would have traded in to make their day better…and I guarantee you it will not be me!

Any couple can forgo the music, the butterflies, the “coordinator” but if we are not there…the very one who marries them…all they have is one very, very expensive P-A-R-T-Y and…you’re not married!!!

Don’t you think it’s about time we got equal coverage? This is my passion…it is my life! And I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!!! 🙂

Peace & 🙂

Marie Tyler Wiley

A CT Justice of the Peace & Non Denominational Minister


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