Photo of the Year 2012???

Have you been voting for your favorite?

If you’re the lucky recipient of Photo of the Year, you receive your choice of size of that particular image!  You can go as large as your wall will allow!!  🙂

Here are some of the images that qualify for Photo of the Year 2012 so far!!

Your fav not posted?  That just means there aren’t enough votes!!

How to qualify for Photo of the Year:

1. Comments and likes on Facebook & Twitter

2. Shares, reposts on Facebook & Twitter

3. Blog comments and likes

4. Sales (prints, canvas, downloads, books, etc)

5. Dave, Jess, and I have the final say on which photo is chosen – we take a lot into consideration (artistic angle, everything listed above, fun factor at the wedding, etc)…that’s the hardest part!

Who’s going to win this year???  (if you’re getting married in the latter half of the year, you still qualify!  We don’t announce the winner until late January (after the posting of our last 2012 wedding).

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