6 year old volunteer photographer

Parents are proud of their children and their decisions – especially when you see your own positive actions becoming influence on their actions!

I have been a volunteer photographer for the Special Olympics for about four years now – I started off photographing the Penguin Plunges and became friends with the coordinators and they popped me in to their rotation of photographers.  My kids see how much fun I’ve been having at the plunges and they have been asking to tag along.

Yesterday, we had just that chance.  My 6 year old, Evanthea, has always shown an interest in photography.  She became my second shooter yesterday for the Special Olympics Sailing games!

She was able to come on the spectator boat with myself, another volunteer photographer, some family members, and the president of Special Olympics.  Now, before you are questionning a 6 year old photographing on a boat – we did cover all safety precautions: Evanthea is very comfortable around water (having had swimming lessons since she was 1), she wore a life vest all the time, sat on the bench, and my mother came with us, just to keep an extra set of eyes on her.

So she chose her camera (my old Canon 50D) and lens (50mm – it’s the lightest one I own…that took priority!), and she did her research — she took out her Nook and Googled the Special Olympics Sailing photos.  Yesterday morning, she ROCKED it!  Here are the highlights of the photos she took!

I think this is one of my favorites – a sneaky candid of Special Olympics, CT’s president Beau Doherty.  I love it!

And a sneaky pic of her mama priding over photographing her daughter!  LOL

We were very lucky to have some beautiful clouds to be our backdrop – she was very appreciative of it!

So needless to say, I think I am the proudest mama on the planet today!  So happy to see my daughter give back to the community and love giving back!!

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