Penguin Plunge – Middletown

Every single Penguin Plunge I photograph, I am ALWAYS overwhelmed with people’s generosity!  These people are just crazy enough to jump in a frozen lake to raise money…wow!  248 people, to be exact…and the water temp was 36 degrees and they raised over $52,000!  (did I mention the water was 36 degrees?)

IMG_0047-copy IMG_0191-copy

A super duper big thanks to Miss Connecticut USA, Erin Brady and Miss Teen Connecticut USA, Kendall Leary for helping out AND plunging!

IMG_0220-copy IMG_8696-copy IMG_8708-copy

More local celebs!  State Rep Christie Carpino, Marc Mercadante (“the guy in charge” at SOCT)

IMG_8714-copy IMG_8722-copy IMG_8764-copy IMG_8766-copy

I swear, one of these year, I’m going out drinking with these guys….just to hear the crap … I mean, ideas!  😉


A HUGE WOMP WOMP to South Fire District Firefighters for being the safety net!  They got more high fives than anyone!!


Mayor Daniel Drew welcoming everyone, then plunging himself

IMG_8859-copy IMG_9000-copy IMG_9030-copy

Maybe not such a good idea to add water to Cinderella, right?

IMG_9074-copy IMG_9115-copy

I overheard an interview Miss Connecticut USA, Erin Brady did with the River 105.9 – it made me smile when she welcomed the photographers to take her photo to prove she’s “not just a beauty queen”!  Awesome!  So cool that she and Miss Teen Connecticut, Kendall Leary plunged!

IMG_9259-copy IMG_9620-copy IMG_9687-copy IMG_0002-copyThank you EVERYONE for showing up and taking the plunge!!  It always warms my heart and makes me smile to see the money raised for Special Olympics!  😀

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