Katelin and John Married!!!

A super big congratulations goes out to our first wedding of the 2013 season, Katelin & John!

IMG_2128n-copyI know it was Katelin and John’s big day, but I’m going to have to say that their over-the-top adorable son, Desmond stole the show!  From snuggling his Mommy

IMG_2122n-copyto helping himself to some cake

IMG_2197-copythen dominating the dancefloor

IMG_0878-copyto all around cuteness!!

IMG_1806-copyBut back to Mom and Dad for a bit!!

Poor Katelin – nerves had taken hold of her before heading out to the limo.  The irony was not lost on either of us…being that Katelin herself is in the wedding business!  But after a few deep breaths, Katelin let her sexy side out!

IMG_1779n-copyAnd who wouldn’t with these shoes?



It may be spring on the calendars, but we sure weren’t feeling it outside!  It was COLD!!!  But that didn’t stop us from grabbing some fun outdoor shots!


IMG_0753n-copyIMG_0506n-copy IMG_0744-copy IMG_0841n-copy

Very rare to see mother of the bride, Sue, out in the middle of the dancefloor!  🙂  Sue is a wonderful friend of mine, whom I used to work with years ago!  She does amazing things for her students and I’m proud to still volunteer and help out with her conferences!  🙂

IMG_0864-copy IMG_0946-copy IMG_1033n-copy  IMG_1041n-copy

This next photo may seem so sweet when you look at it.  You may be thinking, “aw, how sweet, Katelin and her dad having a moment”….well, they were having a moment alright…they were making faces at each other!  Pretty darned funny, if you ask me!  So, let’s stick with the “having a moment” thought with this one!  😉

IMG_1830-copy IMG_2036n-copy IMG_2041-copy

During the toasts, I was enchanted with Katelin being bathed in this beautiful purple glow!  So pretty!!



Thank you so much, Katelin and John for including me in your celebrations this weekend!  XOXO




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