Breakfast at Tiffany’s Book One

Sometimes I get these whims for photo shoot ideas…and that’s what I really love about my friends, they cater to my whims!

I had a trip to NYC planned with my girls to meet up with some friends of ours and when my kids found out we were staying over night, they asked if we could go have breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Sure!  What a great idea!  Well, that idea turned into meeting up with more friends of ours…then adding a model, then adding some cakes, and flowers….well, you get the picture!  😉

One of my favorite moments of the movies!

BAT1_0001A special thank you to my friend, Victoria Kenyon, for the Tiffany cake (that was photographed by just about everyone on Fifth Ave Saturday morning!), the LBD cookies, gumpaste masks, and macaroon pearls!

BAT1_0020While we were waiting for everyone to come, my kids used these fab wands to try to open the doors to Tiffany’s!

BAT1_0003Thank you Noreen of Earth Blossoms for the fab wands and all of the florals!

BAT1_0010And we could not have done any of this without our mini-Audreys, Chloe Morris, Jayda Morris, and you should recognize the last too….Alexandra Parsons and Evanthea Parsons!  Our taller Audrey was the fantastic Becky Giordano!  And she brought some of her Chanel and Louboutin goodies to share!

BAT1_0004 BAT1_0005

Because “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is one of my favorite movies and books, we tried to find some of the more obscure themes…can you figure them all out?BAT1_0006 BAT1_0007 BAT1_0008 BAT1_0009 BAT1_0002 BAT1_0011

Can you tell it’s my favorite?  Yes, it’s my little one, Evanthea, playing the roll of Holly Golightly here!  😉

BAT1_0012 BAT1_0013 BAT1_0014

One of my tried and true tricks with working with kids is PURE bribery!!  😉  I asked the kids for a couple of more shots, then they could attack the cake!  So they did!  Poor Jayda couldn’t reach!!BAT1_0015 BAT1_0016 BAT1_0017

Maybe I’m a little biased, but this test shot is one of my favs!!BAT1_0018

Tiffany’s just changed their window the week before we got there…I sort of wished they were still the blue, but this was still pretty!  🙂BAT1_0019 BAT1_0020 BAT1_0021 BAT1_0022Now, this is just the first batch!  Just wait, I’ll release more during the week!  We made it inside … just wait until you see how spoiled the girls got.  It really is the happiest place on earth!

UPDATE – here’s the second post in our story!

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