“Sparkle” Photo Shoot

Have you met Erika Flowers of Upscale Events?  You should – she’s a friend of mine who plans fab weddings, events, and photo shoots!  She brainstormed this one and I loved every moment of it!  SPARKLE!

IMG_2231n-copyTogether with the following vendors, we pulled this off!

Model, Sherell Coles, makeup by Ezia “Z” Leach for “Z” Face & Body Art

IMG_2630n-copyKiara Clemons makeup by Evelyn Massey for Ordep Makeup Artistry

IMG_2406n-copyMariah Glover makeup by Ezia “Z” Leach for “Z” Face & Body Art

IMG_2457n-copyHair: Sharon Clemons for Sharon.Joy-New Haven
Stylist: Erika Flowers of Upscale Events

IMG_2282n-copyGowns provided by Elizabeths of West Haven
Sequin Short dresses provided by Upscale Events

IMG_2485-copyJewelry & shoes – private collection

IMG_2240n-copyLocation The Cloud-Hartford, CT

This photo is my all time fav – I love it!

IMG_2307n-copy IMG_2309n-copy

Channeling our inner Supremes…how did we do?  🙂IMG_2503-copy IMG_2505n-copy IMG_2533n-copy

I am so in love with this next gown!  I think we’re really lucky that it was nowhere near my size!  😉IMG_2542n-copy IMG_2566n-copy IMG_2635n-copy IMG_2660n-copyThank you everyone for a fab afternoon!!

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