Breakfast at Tiffany’s – the final book

I couldn’t end the posts without including our outtakes, fun stuff, and a 7 year old hijacking the camera!

While working in the studio on the detail photos, my kids asked if they can do their own stuff…this is their version of “Moon River”


And for real, this is their true side…IMG_8772-copy

In my previous post, I mentioned my amazing lighting assistant, Mary!  The true story behind Mary is she’s one of my brides turned friend!  She lives in the city and had the morning off!!  So she got a Tiffany mani, donned her wedding bling (look at that…they’re from Tiffany’s!) and came out to play!!IMG_9134-copy

30 degrees at 9 AM, and an attempt to patiently await everyone else…leads to bored kids…IMG_9142-copy

The Cracker Jacks were really props…but ended up being bribes!  😉IMG_9149-copy

And the disappointment that the prize wasn’t a ring that we could engrave…but it’s a cool pencil topper!!IMG_9151-copy

Showing off the LBD cookies and gumpaste mask!IMG_9180-copy

One of my favs, even though it’s an outtake, it still makes me smile!!IMG_9197-copy

We became more of a tourist attraction than the store itself!  People were asking for photos and sneaking in on our shoot.  Random lady photo bombing!!IMG_9200-copy

As I’m shooting, Mary and Becky were laughing at the crowd we gathered.  I just thought it was passerbys….so Mary grabbed a photo to show me…IMG_9214-copyTHIS!  LOL  Yes, that’s me in the red shoes!  😉  It looks like I planned it to stand out, right?


When we were finished with the fun stuff inside, Evanthea took over the camera and posed Becky into some of her own ideas!  Here’s oneIMG_9413n-copy

and here’s another!IMG_9418-copy

We met a couple on the Diamond Floor and they asked us if they could take a photo of the girls.  They got engaged at Tiffany’s three years ago and return every year to celebrate.  Her bridal shower was BAT themed too!  Not only did we take a photo of the girls with their camera, but we had them jump in on a shot too.  Evanthea caught some behind the scenes shots!  🙂IMG_9426-copy

Here’s Kristen, Chloe & Jayda’s mom!  She did a great job of helping us “do this” and “go here”!  🙂 IMG_9429-copy

After the shoot, while heading to the car, we let the models blow off some steam at the fountain.  I guess they still had some posing in them!IMG_9439-copy

we even went to look for Eloise at the Plaza…couldn’t find her, so we went home!IMG_9467-copyThank you so much for following our journey through Breakfast at Tiffany’s!  We had the most amazing time with this photo shoot and we hope that the kids have these memories to cherish forever!  XOXO

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