Kids take Manhattan!

My girls had their first trip to the big city a couple of weeks ago (you may have read our post on Breakfast at Tiffany’s – if you haven’t, be sure to read all three posts, it was such fun!)

But the real reason for us going to New York was to meet up with Alexandra’s godparents.  You see, we haven’t seen them since her baptism…January of 2005.  They live in Sweden (to clarify, they’re Greek but live in Sweden…no, it’s not weird.  It’s just like I’m Greek but live in America!) and getting together over coffee has been a challenge over the years!

So when a conference and a vow renewal brought them to America…we jumped at the chance!  we met up with Thea, Michalis, Melina and Phillip at the Met to start.  The kids were a LITTLE grumpy as it was lunch time and we were a tad late from getting lost…


My youngest is not one to shy away from expressing herself…my oldest will put on a front to amuse me…lol


nyc-13-0007n-copynyc-13-0010-copy nyc-13-0005-copyThea saw a movie about El Greco and it was her goal to see his paintings…I’m not going to tell you what we went through to get to this gallery….but she saw them!  😉  And we had to document it!!

IMG_8884-copy IMG_8887-copy nyc-13-0019-copyAlexandra is a big fan of Degas (statue above) and Jackson Pollack.  This next photo was supposed to be her birthday party invite cover (until she changed her mind on the theme…but that’s another post…)


My inner “Gossip Girl” had to grab a photo on the Met steps!

IMG_8833-copyI have to give a HUGE shout out to our hotel — I know hotels in NYC have gotten some bad press in recent years.  But ours was awesome!  It was the Hilton Garden Inn on 35th between 5th and 6th.  The manager was fantastic – especially when I forgot my cellphone charge, he offered to put my phone in his office and use his personal charger!  The room was clean and everyone was beyond pleasant and helpful!  My kids give the pillows two thumbs up for comfort!  😉

nyc-13-0046-copyAnd this was our view!

nyc-13-0059n-copyOur next tourist stop was lunch at Candle 79 – I don’t have any photos other than cell shots.  But I have to give them oodles of props for making vegan yummy and safe for allergies!  This was the first restaurant that Evanthea (who is severely allergic to milk, tree nuts, grapes, and most fresh fruit and fresh veggies) actually had choices (other than a plain grilled chicken with no seasoning…) and enjoyed her entire meal AND had dessert AND (now get this…) had her FIRST canolli!!  can you believe it?  I HIGHLY recommend the restaurant – they’re fantastic!!

Our next stop was MoMA.  I have mixed reviews about our journey through MoMA…it was a Free Friday.  we didn’t know it at the time and we thought it was a bonus that we were saving money…until we tried to see the art.  It was horrible…people were crowding around with their cellphones, pushing everyone and our kids out of their way.  We didn’t get a chance to really appreciate anything there.  It would definitely be a trip we would take again, during the day.  But we did manage to snap some quick photos of our favs.  (Next post, I’ll post Evanthea’s journal of her favs!)

nyc-13-0057-copy nyc-13-0047-copy

we are all huge Picasso fans in our family.  As an adult, I just get him!  And i do love the fact that my kids do too!!nyc-13-0051-copy

Unless there’s gum to be shared…then they get distracted from the Picassos!  😉nyc-13-0053-copy

Evanthea is a huge fan of still art and she was THRILLED to see a Picasso still art.  I love that my 7 year old understands a still art (thank you Parochial School art class!!!)nyc-13-0055-copyNext stop, MoMA and NYC through a 7 year old’s eyes!

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