Becky and Kevin survived the heat and tied the knot!

Yesterday, I believe we set a record here in CT with the heat.  My car said it reached 94, I’m not sure what the actual temp was…but it was dang hot!  And I had the chance to photograph Becky and Kevin’s wedding at Harkness Memorial State Park…did I mention the mansion doesn’t have air conditioning?

becky_kevin_wedding_0001But I don’t think it mattered to anyone that day – it was perfect…everything was perfect!  There was a lovely breeze coming off the water, and plenty of shade!  We made it work!  🙂

becky_kevin_wedding_0002I bet you didn’t know that I love colored shoes at weddings?  I also bet you didn’t know that I photograph the heck out of the shoes at weddings?  Yes sir, they get their own photo shoot!

becky_kevin_wedding_0003But certainly not to upstage Miss Becky!  I love how Gatsby-esque she looked in her gown with her hair and pearls (more about that in the vendor blog!)

becky_kevin_wedding_0004becky_kevin_wedding_0005I love the fact that bright, vivid colors are hot for weddings now!  Gone are the days of pastels and in are the bright oranges, teals, blues!  I love it!!  And how can you not love a groom in blue socks?  It doesn’t get much better than that!

becky_kevin_wedding_0006becky_kevin_wedding_0008I fought off mutant bumble bees, raptors, and blinding sun to get to the wisteria corner of the pergola…I think it was worth it!

becky_kevin_wedding_0009becky_kevin_wedding_0010Blake was my buddy – the cutest flower girl ever!  She rocked that walk!  Not only that, she was rocking out in the photo booth!  So I asked her to show me her favorite face from the photo booth!  Tell me this photo doesn’t make you laugh?!

becky_kevin_wedding_0011Becky told me how important incorporating the Long Island Sound into our pictures would be, so I dragged them back down the lawn…but I promised some relaxing pics!

becky_kevin_wedding_0012And with relaxing comes romance!  😉

becky_kevin_wedding_0013becky_kevin_wedding_0014I told you Blake was fun – she has the dirty feet to prove it!  Oops!!  😉

becky_kevin_wedding_0015Color, color, more color and add some great architecture…I’m in heaven!

becky_kevin_wedding_0016Can’t you just hear “I think I want to marry you” playing in the background?

becky_kevin_wedding_0017becky_kevin_wedding_0018Congratulations Becky and Kevin!  thank you so much for having me share your day with you and your family!  XOXO


4 thoughts on “Becky and Kevin survived the heat and tied the knot!

  1. Diane- I love love love these pictures and cannot wait to see the rest! It was the most wonderful day and I appreciate everything you and Mike did for us in capturing all of these amazing memories!

  2. Love the pics so far! Great pictures of great people! The day turned out perfect and the pictures capture the sky and the rainbow so well. Love the colors and how the teal pops, and of course the shoes are just so fun! Love what was done and can’t wait to see more!

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