A carousel, a tropical storm, and a lot of details – Kristen and Dave

Last night, Jess, Dave and I braved Tropical Storm Andrea to celebrate Kristen and Dave’s wedding!  I think it was quite the welcome to New England weather…you see, Dave (the groom) is from California!

DSC_0354n-copySo we made the most of it!  Their reception was at the ever fun and stunning Carousel at New Haven’s Lighthouse Point Park.

IMG_5437-copyAnd I have sooooooooo many details that I want to share with you!

IMG_5636n-copyBUT you’re just going to have to wait until the vendor/detail post…because I just can’t cram all of this wedding amazement into this one post!

IMG_5046n-copythis is one of my all time favs of Kristen getting ready

IMG_5092n-copyThis next one reminds me of the quote from the Princess Bride (sorry if my age is showing!!), “Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.”

IMG_5298-copyNo intro needed on this next one….GREEN SHOES!!!!

IMG_5422-copyAnother one of my favs – I think Dave was really getting into the “don’t smile” pics, DESPITE the smile that was GLUED to his face all day!


Maybe because he wasn’t looking at his sexy wife….  😉


DSC_0394n-copyI do love a good old fashioned challenge…like only being able to photograph the entire series of portraits in a carousel.  Who doesn’t love wedding photos in a carousel?  Jess and I took that challenge head on!

IMG_5437-copyIMG_5451-copyHere’s another fav – Kristen had her veil designed just for her.  The beautiful part was it was made from the lace that was removed from her grandmother’s wedding gown.



Super cool highlight of the reception was watching Kristen, her two younger sisters, and their mom dance an Irish step dance!



IMG_5502-copyIMG_5455n-copyThank you Dave and Kristen for having us share your day with you!  Stay tuned tomorrow…I’ll post the photo booth pics (they won’t be quite so lovey dovey!)


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