Peas, carrots, and a beautiful day – Melanie and Sean’s wedding day

Tonight, I think I had quite a fun night with Melanie & Sean and their family and friends

IMG_6660-copyThe biggest shout out has to go out to my co-table 9 friends – they kept me laughing all night!  Thanks to the best table ever!

IMG_7034-copyBut back to our adorable couple

IMG_6868n-copyA perfect night tonight to celebrate at Grassmere Country Club!

IMG_6757n-copyJenny and crew really took care of us and catered to my “just one more” photo whims!  Thank you!!

IMG_6705n-copyAnd speaking of Jenny…can anyone guess the title reference?  This next photo is a clue…


IMG_6848n-copy IMG_6828-copyThis next one is my fav!!

IMG_6713n-copyIMG_6760n-copy IMG_6777n-copy IMG_6590n-copy

Thank you Mother Nature for tonight’s super moon!!IMG_6860n-copy IMG_6777n-copy IMG_6760n-copy

Can you believe it…Melanine’s dress was handmade by her cousin!  Love it!!  IMG_6553n-copy IMG_6549n-copy

I love LOVE love non traditional cakes!  This GORGEOUS one was made by the best man’s wife!   (And it was yummy too!!)IMG_6521-copy IMG_6502-copy

Congratulations Melanie and Sean!  Thank you so much for having me celebrate with you!!IMG_6712n-copy

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