Hot plus humid equals amazing sunsets

Thanks to my crazy bruised broken toe, I offered clients to come to our beach for some freebie minis!  And what fun we had!

First thing in the morning, Renna brought her parents over for a visit!



IMG_7745n-copyThen Vicki brought her gorgeous family!  Thanks for the laughs, Taylor, Kayla, Maria and Paul!



And how was I supposed to compete with teenage girls and their cellphones?  😉  Seriously, we were joking around on this one – Paul was telling me about his selfies and we had to go there!


IMG_8073n-copyWe had a time change with an open slot — so I took advantage of it and begged my family for a quick family portrait!



And yes, we had to show our true personalities!  😉IMG_8108n-copy

IMG_8115n-copyBut then back to work!  Matthew brought his parents for some fun in the water!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW!  (Today is really his 4th birthday!  Send him some love!!!)


IMG_8124n-copyAnd we rounded off the day with Audrey and Caroline – I think they chose the best time slot.  Loving the clouds!

IMG_8263n-copy IMG_8253-copyBut wait, there’s more!!  Once again I have my family together

IMG_8331n-copyAnd the day wouldn’t be complete without a shot of me and Jess!  🙂

IMG_8337n-copyThank you everyone for the great day!  Today I shall rest my toe and work on your photos!  🙂

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