T&T Elope in Madison

I think I love elopements – there’s just something so uber romantic in running to another state and standing up in front of a Justice of the Peace, a photographer, all of Nature, God (or whomever you believe) and showing your love.  It’s not about the color of the napkins, it’s not about where Uncle Bob is going to sit, it’s not about the 10 iPads in the center aisle.  It’s about you two.

IMG_9117n-copyWhich brings us to this morning – I met T&T at city hall this morning to witness and photograph their filling out the paperwork for their marriage license.  LOVE LOVE LOVE – there was so much love in that Town Clerk’s office that even the Clerk was distracted with her lists of what to do!

Then we head on down to the Madison Beach Hotel to meet up with Ernest Adams (Nutmeg Justice of the Peace) for their waterfront ceremony.

IMG_9353n-copyEvery wedding I witness tugs at my heartstrings (I’m a sap…I’ll admit it!) and this one was not to disappoint!

IMG_8992n-copyThank you T&T for sharing your most special moment with me this morning!

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